Surviving Thanksgiving

From November 2009:

We all get so excited for the Thanksgiving feast. But the challenge is not to overeat and put our bodies in to major shock mode. I definitely speak for myself…I’ve become accustomed to avoiding refined sugars and when the holidays arrive, it’s so easy to fall back in to old patterns. My body has been so used to the new patterns it doesn’t know how to handle the richer foods. I’ve come up with ways to combat this challenge and I hope it helps all of you:

(1) Make sure to eat a meal prior to the big feast. In other words, don’t skip breakfast thinking that you want to save your calories for the big dinner. Once dinner comes and you’ve deprived yourself of food all day long, you get to the meal and binge in a HUGE way. So eat your breakfast!

(2) When you get to your dinner, have a glass of water before ingesting anything else. The water will fill your stomach so that you’ll avoid overeating. And remember, MODERATION. And know that moderation doesn’t mean deprivation…enjoy your food!

(3) Focus on each bite and chew thoroughly. Chewing your food until it becomes liquid begins the digestion process. The more we chew, the quicker we feel full and the less apt we will be to experience heartburn or reflux.

(4) For every glass of alcohol you consume, drink a full glass of water. The last thing you want to do is become dehydrated.

(5) Move your body – try to fit in a workout on Thanksgiving Day. And go for a walk with a family member after the meal. It will feel so good! And what a beautiful way to catch up with one another!

(6) Be grateful and appreciate all that is good in your life!

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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