What RESULTS can I expect from being a client of Nourish Ur Life?

  • Build confidence about what to eat! You will learn what really works for your body and how to implement it in ways that are actually enjoyable, fun and delicious. No magic diet pills, but time-tested approaches that work well for busy, active individuals.
  • You’ll experience more energy while enjoying your food, your body, and your life. Feeling and looking great leads to a profound satisfaction that emanates into all corners of your life. When you are taking care of your health your life blossoms.
  • Transform your knowledge into SUSTAINABLE ACTION so that taking care of your health becomes a natural part of your lifestyle.
  • Get inspired in the kitchen! Learn how to make quick, delicious, EASY, healthy meals without sacrificing flavor. Cooking healthy doesn’t have to be a big burden or take up a lot of your time – you’ll receive simple and easy solutions that anyone can learn.  Believe me, if I can do it, anybody can!
  • Feeling better than ever about your body and your relationship with food. We are what we eat—literally. What we consume becomes our cells, our tissues, our energy – even our thoughts and moods. Learn to love yourself from the inside out!
  • Your life changes dramatically when you are eating well, and when you make the connection that food has on your mood, mind, body, and energy.

Who will benefit the most?

I love working with people who are excited about trying something new, who are ready to show up for themselves and take responsibility for having the BEST life ever.

Who is NOT likely to benefit?

Those looking for a quick fix, and who are not willing to follow through. This program is probably not appropriate for you if you are clinging to excuses, or if you are expecting me to do all the work. I want to work with people who are ready to make health a priority, who are open to the inquiry into their self-destructive habits, and who are looking for a fresh perspective. If you are motivated and excited, I can help you get out of your own way, in a supportive and fun environment. This is not an ordinary program or diet – we will not be counting calories or grams of fat, but instead will be building your intuition about what works best for your unique body so you can engage in the experience of being fully ALIVE.

How can I guarantee to get the most out of my sessions and reach my goals?

Much of your success depends on you. There is no quick fix. The best way to ensure results is to be honest about what IS working and what isn’t, to follow the recommendations and to show up to all of your sessions on time.

Can I try a session and see if I like it?

You can “test-drive” my counseling style by signing up for an initial consultation. This is a great way to see what it’s like to work with me as an integrative nutrition counselor. Implementing lasting change takes time. This is a gradual process. Each session builds on the last, in a progression. If you are honest, follow the recommendations, and show up you will experience positive results. I invite you to be completely authentic with me throughout the program. If something isn’t working for you, we will re-evaluate our approach and customize the program to best support you.


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